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Life v. News

Bylines, Deadlines and Headlines

18 October 1982
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Welcome to Life v. News ®! I am your host and America's favorite malcontent, S.V. I’m a new-age troubadour of truth. In the days of yore they used song, I use the internet. I started my travels in a small town in Wisconsin. I walked to school up hill both ways and in bad weather! I started my writing career early, an A+ on a story and poem about AIDS. I have since branched out to other mediums. I write occasionally for several local publications.

The goal of LvN is to try and look a little deeper at the world around us. Sometimes it may just be a link to a story and sometimes commentary.

You can also read my blog on Myspace, Livejournal and Facebook. email me at lifevnews@yahoo.com

Please, do not add me as a friend if your site is an advertisement or contains overtly sexual material.